Sh!t Millennials Love: Podcasts

Podcasts are everything. They’ve become yet another avenue whereby people can share ideas and stories. I can’t say I can pinpoint the exact moment podcasts began to boom, but I can totally remember the podcast feature on my iPod circa 2008 and wondering what on earth it was for. It really is no small wonder, millennials love podcasts …it’s like radio on demand! The only form of media that beats binge watching a great new show on Netflix while you cook, is listening to a riveting, hilarious podcast while you cook. And podcasts can be a great conversation opener. I dig folks who dig dope podcasts. You know, I wonder if, with podcasting, I’ve finally become an on-time adopter (at least!) to this form of media. Now every morning at 8:20 and every evening at 5:30, I’m all: Siri, open Podcasts! 

The podcasts I listen to run the gamut of entertainment – from pop culture analysis to storytelling to podcasts featuring the kind of banter I might have with friends over drinks and chicken wings. Behold, my current roster (at some point, I’ll stop being lazy and actually add a French language podcast …or maybe I should just find a French-speaking boo?)! I feel like there are others I ought to include here …maybe one hosted by women about women?

IDK. What podcasts are you on about?


One Response

  1. I used to be really into podcasts. When I started getting a ride to work instead of commuting I stopped listening as much.