concha buika

#MusicMondays | “You Get Me” by Buika x Seal

The idea is to wind down 2016 amidst gratitude, reflection, goal-setting, and looooooooove! So to celebrate the first Monday on the last day of 2016, I’ve discovered and wanted to share the beautiful, rare gem of a voice – Buika – an Equatoguinean Spanish singer. What I love most about the song, beyond the lyrics of the chorus (“you get me”…how wonderful is that to be able to confidently say to someone…anyone!), are Seal and Buika’s voices. Seal has always been a soaring, gritty singer that I love. When Buika comes in with a voice that so similarly matches his in intense vibrancy ….it’s just altogether lovely.

Suddenly the walls are coming down
I won’t be the same when I come around
Suddenly I am understood
It’s all over now

You get me…