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my first museum feature with MODA!

The Future Happened” is an exhibition that examines how design and art deepens our relationship with music. 

Exploring how design can be key in sharing our stories and amplifying our power to make a difference in the world. Examining innovation and technology that enhances connections and opens doors, reinforcing our capacity to spark change.

Exhibit runs from April 9, 2021-2022

My Featured Works:

trees in gibbs garden

Who Watches the Trees? a limerick

There was a young man who said, “God

Must think it exceedingly odd,

If He finds that this tree

Continues to be

When there’s no one around in the Quad.”

Dear Sir, 

Your astonishment’s odd.

I am always about in the Quad.

And that’s why the tree 

Will continue to be

Since observed by

Yours faithfully,


girl with long dark hair sitting in an empty bathtub

have you…?

have you ever sat in weird places? like inside your closet? or bathrub? or under your dining table? or next to your front door? no? oh right, me neither #sundaze

72° in the Shade | T.S. Abe Animated Self-Portrait

I came across T.S Abe on Tumblr. I know very little about her, but this animated self-portrait is too striking not to share! What I do know about her is that she is a UK-based fashion illustrator and created this masterpiece from a series of 15 individual graphite drawings. I’m in love! The side-eye is fierce and elegant! I love the arts! Truly, madly, deeply!