Category: haiku

light kisses her

let’s imagine it

that light kisses both her cheeks

both Sun and the Moon

 photo IMG_6614_zpsqu0z1bdw.gif
Like a tiny doll
trapped in her pirouette box
Wind me; confine me
Steady rotation
Dizzying; banality
I wait to wake up
Yet in certainty
As the sun rises daily
Find me out my cage
red skies

red skies | haiku

red skies bled o’er her
she watched the sun tuck away
moments in her life
expansed silenced void
are gentle, tranquil spirits
tossing around her
this is where she finds her calm

night light | haiku

but i heard a noise!
go to the hall and make sure
chase the ghosts away 
palm trees

not here | haiku

hey it’s udee’s phone
is it me you’re looking for
well, leave a message

both hands | haiku

let go with both hands
watch it violently spin
relinquish – control

here she sits

…and loved you, lost you

thought she’d give you all of her
she gave you her best

wake, tiny dancer

wake, tiny dancer
to the movement inside you
to the sway of life